Hi! I am Vasudha Singh

User Experience Designer

Who am I

User Experience Designer with over six years of industry experience designing products for web and mobile, presently pursuing MS in Information Science (UX Design) at the University of Texas at Austin. With a human-centered perspective of observing details and designing for people, I believe in challenging current processes, systems, and ideas to better understand their dynamics and help problem-solving, conceptualize, and elevate human experiences by enhancing our society’s inclusion.

A designer always begins their work with a compelling “Why?”. 

Over the years, I realize that my “Why?” has to do with helping humans and making a difference, no matter how tiny.

UX Design // Multi-platform

A Blended Learning Solution for Macmillan Education India

A comprehensive product design approach for an advanced learning management system

UX Design // Mobile App


Helping creative professionals from the entertainment industry to network and seek opportunities through a centralized application

UX Research + Design // Web app

AI Mate

An AI-enhanced chatbot intervention to enhance individual engagement with respect to participation and satisfaction

UX Research + Design // Mobile App

FastFood App

A summative usability analysis case study for a food delivery mobile app

We made great things together