I’m a User Experience Designer with 6+ years of experience and a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction, skilled in delivering end-to-end digital solutions by aligning cross-functional teams to achieve user-centric and strategic business goals.

Previously at Amazon Web Services.

As a Senior User Experience and Product Designer, my strengths lie in:

🤩 Experience Design

I help businesses mitigate risks by balancing user and business needs, solving problems, delivering solutions that align cross-functional teams, incorporating user-centric design principles, and continuous feedback while considering the system as a whole.

🔍 User Research

I excel in understanding user needs by conducting usability research, collecting data, interpreting findings, and synthesizing both quantitative and qualitative data to drive data-driven results that inform the design decisions of user-centered solutions.

🎯 Product Strategy

I strategically position a research-based, viable product to enhance the future state of the organization’s user experience over a defined period by establishing a clear vision, setting goals, and formulating a plan necessary to achieve these objectives.

A designer always begins their work with a compelling “Why?”. 

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that my “Why?” is about helping people and making a difference, no matter how small.

UX Research + Design // Web App

Optimizing efficiency in AWS IoT FleetWise console through usability evaluation and experience design

A holistic approach enabled thorough comprehension of user interactions, pain points, and optimization prospects across the console experience

UX Research + Design // AI Chatbot + Web app

User research and AI Chatbot design to elevate student engagement in collaborative environments

An AI-enhanced chatbot intervention to enhance individual engagement with respect to participation and satisfaction

UX Design // Mobile App

End-to-end experience design for a career and networking app tailored to creative professionals

Helping creative professionals from the entertainment industry to network and seek opportunities through a centralized application

UX Design // Multi-platform

Experience and interface design for a blended learning solution for Macmillan Education, from concept to launch

A comprehensive product design approach for an advanced learning management system

UX Research + Design // Mobile App

Comprehensive usability testing of the FastFood App, yielding actionable insights

A summative usability analysis for a mobile application designed for food delivery.

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